Terpene Journey Cannabis Infused Birthday Cupcake Recipe

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We’re celebrating our 2nd Anniversary in style, with one of everyone's favorite birthday treats!

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August 27, 2023
Terpene Journey Cannabis Infused Birthday Cupcake Recipe

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Cannabis Infused Cupcake Ingredients

Here is everything you need:  

That’s it.

Cannabis Infused Cupcakes Steps

  1. Pour 1/2 a cup of Vegetable Oil into a pot and turn the heat on to low.  
  1. Add in .2mL of RSO in small amounts at a time, continuously stirring until well incorporated. Once all RSO has dissolved and been mixed well with the oil, turn off the heat and transfer to a glass measuring cup to cool.  
  1. Once the oil has cooled, follow the instructions on the box to prepare batter.  
  1. Pour into a cupcake tray lined with baking liners.  
  1. Bake according to boxed instructions.  
  1. Allow cupcakes to fully cool before frosting. Frost each cupcake with the desired amount of cake frosting.  
  1. Serve and enjoy!


Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, or just need a good excuse to bake, cupcakes are perfect for any occasion. We also found an easy way to infuse these that doesn’t require hours of decarbing. We’re going to use Rick Simpson Oil to infuse our vegetable oil. The benefit of using RSO is the fact that it’s already been decarbed for you, and the effects will leave you with a fantastic full body high full of giggles and the warm and fuzzy’s, perfect for any celebration!