A North Shore Dispensary that keeps your cannabis truly local

What local means to Terpene Journey.

tom and juston owners of terpene journey swampscott dispensary in a kayak on a river in massachusetts

“Let’s live and listen to music all day, every day.  Let’s allow our hearts to beat together in a rhythm that lifts us as one.  Let’s access parts of our selves we’ve missed or didn’t know we had.  Terpenes and cannabis will be our guide.”
- Tom and Justin, Terpene Journey Founders

High Quality North Shore Cannabis

Since 2014, Swampscott has been Justin and Tom's home and backdrop to many adventures on the water all over the North Shore of Massachusetts.  It’s been a place where people are kind, open-minded, & living their best lives.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce an elevated cannabis retail experience at our Swampscott dispensary and the North Shore that will feel comfortable for first-timers and old-timers alike.  Every decision we’ve made for our company aims to make it simpler to understand cannabis and how it can unlock your fullest self.

That begins with choosing the highest quality products from local growers and product manufacturers and ends with our “terpene first” retail experience, a celebration of cannabis tastes and aromas.

marijuana terpene flower
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