Delicious THC Infused Root Beer Float Recipe

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Get creative in the kitchen this summer with a delicious THC infused root beer float! This easy and fun recipe is a great way to cool off while enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

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April 30, 2023
Delicious THC Infused Root Beer Float Recipe

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Buzzy thc infused root beer float recipe

History of the Root Beer Float

The Root Beer Float was first created in 1893 by a brewery owner named Frank J. Wisner. He had the idea when looking at the Colorado Cow Mountains, to him it looked like ice cream floating in soda. He went to work and created the famous drink we all know and love.

THC Infused Root Beer Float Ingredients

Here is everything you need:  

That’s it.

THC Infused Root Beer Float Recipe Instructions

Throw your favorite glass mug in the freezer to get things started. Keep in mind that your body processes cannabis beverages the same way it would with alcoholic beverages. The kick in time for THC infused beverages, including sodas, is a lot quicker than your traditional edibles high. Keep in mind how many milligrams you’re consuming and drink responsibly.

  1. In a cold frosty mug, scoop in desired amount of ice cream.
  2. Pour over one can of Buzzy Root Beer
  3. Serve with a straw or spoon and enjoy!


Inspired by one of our favorite customers, this THC infused Root Beer Float recipe is too good not to share! A classic that has never been easier to infuse until today. Whether it's a sweet treat at the end of a long day, or just want to feel a little nostalgic at your next party, a THC infused Root Beer Float is definitely the way to go.