Strength and effect: High THC + High Terpenes Cannabis Flower

Potency Supercharged: Sort Weed by THC and Terpenes

THC will get you potency but terpenes are what will drive your experience. Terpene Journey Swampscott's online dispensary menu lets you sort by either. And, use our exclusive Entourage Builder to find the perfect strain for your specific effect.

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Potency Supercharged: Sort Weed by THC and Terpenes

High THC & High Terpenes Highlights

More Potent

Similar THC levels? The one with higher terpene content will be more potent.

Crisper Effects

High THC with lower terps is like a fuzzy signal; High THC with high terps is fully tuned in

Tastier Flavor

Terpenes level up flavor; making for a smoother experience.

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Flower - Sorted by THC and Total Terpenes

The strongest, juiciest flower strains.

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